The Darvel performing at Trailside Music Hall on June 27th, 2021

Photo taken by: Griffin Walsh

An alternative rock band formed in late 2019 and based out of Stratford, Prince Edward Island, the group takes influences from garage rock, post-punk, jazz and alternative rock to create their own unique sound and style.

The band started as a cover band, playing at local University basketball and hockey games, as well as at local bars. They quickly transitioned into writing their own music in 2020 and after a busy summer of saving money, they were finally able to start recording at the award winning studio, "The Sound Mill" with Jon Matthews.

Jon mixed, mastered and engineered their first 3 singles, as well as their debut album.


Sam Read; vocals
All photos taken by: Griffin Walsh and Matt Nicholson

Sam Read:

Born in Surrey, on August 9th 2004, Sam grew up the middle of 3 with his family in the UK until he was 12 years old when they moved to Canada.

Sam loves music, it's one of his many passions and one that he is quite talented at. He also shares passions for video games and watching anime.

His influences come from bands like Gorillaz as well as artists like George Ezra. He's been singing his whole life and is more than perfect for the bands sound.

Sam really glues the sound of the band together with his powerful vocals, that really emphasizes the garage rock sound. His lyrics are hard to come by but they really know how to get to you. He wrote the lyrics for one of the tracks on the debut album.

Malcolm Orford:

Malcolm Orford was born May 20th 2005, making him not only the youngest of 3 children, but also making him the youngest member in the group. However, he's been playing for the local college jazz ensemble for 4 years, on top of being in high school band and The Darvel.

Born on PEI, he moved to Ontario at a young age and lived there for 9 years, him and his family eventually moved back to PEI.

Malcolm, on top of being a musician, also enjoys playing video games, watching anime, reading, writing and walking.

His influences come from The Strokes and Radiohead, which are really featured in their album.

Malcolm Orford; keyboard/piano
All photos taken by: Griffin Walsh and Matt Nicholson

Lucas MacCormack; guitar
All photos taken by: Griffin Walsh and Matt Nicholson

Lucas MacCormack:

From Stratford, PEI, Lucas MacCormack was born November 21st 2002.

Lucas is good for bringing the riffs, but he's also the one who designs the single covers and posters. When he's not doing those things, he likes to walk, read, take photographs, and make visual art, but you rarely catch him not playing music.

He takes influence from artists such as Led, Zeppelin, The White Stripes, Omni, Radiohead, Nick Drake, The Tragically hip and The Strokes to name a few.

Drew Cassibo:

Drew has only been playing bass for a few years but has begun to establish himself as a stand-out bass player in PEI. Originally born in Ontario, Drew and his family moved to PEI when Drew was in primary school. Drew, born September 14th 2002, is the oldest of 3 children.

When he's not playing his bass, he loves playing video games, listening to records and cooking. He also enjoys producing music too.

His influences range from bassists like Jaco, Flea, Colin Greenwood and Paul McCartney. He also likes bands such as, Lake Street Dive, Radiohead, Omni, BADBADNOTGOOD and Hiatus Kaiyote.

Drew Cassibo; bass
All photos taken by: Griffin Walsh and Matt Nicholson

Lucas Proud; drums
All photos taken by: Griffin Walsh and Matt Nicholson

Lucas Proud:

Lucas Proud, born January 27th 2003, he is the oldest of 2 children and was born in Stratford, PEI. He moved around Stratford and Charlottetown at a young age but has grown up in Stratford for 17 years.

Lucas is also a producer, he likes to write, he wrote a lot of lyrics for the bands debut record. He also plays hockey and baseball; although, his passion is music.

His influences are drummers like Eric Kretz, Sean Kinney, Danny Carey and Alexander Sowinski; he also loves lyricists like Maynard James Keenan, Scott Weiland and Kendrick Lamar.